Domestic sprinklers

Design, Installation & Maintenance of Fire Sprinklers in Domestic & Residential Dwellings.

Sprinklers  will be required In all new houses and flats.

A Fire Sprinkler is a simple fire suppressant device which is operated by heat. It consists of a glass bulb or soldered link that will break at a pre set temperature allowing the water to tackle the fire.

The System can be designed to conceal pipes and the availability of decorative sprinkler heads allows them to be matched with the décor of your interior space.

An automatic sprinkler system consists of water supply, tank, pump and valves. Sprinkler installation pipes and heads. the specification of the design depends on the occupancy and hazard classification of the dwelling.

The specifications will include head spacing dimensions and number of heads for maximum coverage with the assumed area.
Design density will include water discharge, supply period and tank volume required.

All work carried out to comply with BS9251 standards only using Recommended Quality Suppliers

Image source: The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, an excellent resource for information on residential sprinklers.

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Firestop Sprinklers is run by Martin Fitzgerald and his family. Martin has worked in the industry as a Plumbing & Heating engineer in Wales for the past 17years.

Martin achieved his Sprinkler Design Qualifications some time ago and established the company from there.

Firestop Sprinklers is a family run business with Martin and his wife working side by side to produce designs and installations to accommodate customers preferences where possible.

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